Denis Gladkikh (outcoldman)

Software Developer

January 20, 1985.


I have 9 years’ experience in developing applications and components. I participated in designing and developing different kinds of applications: web, desktop, tools. With different kinds of communication levels and different set of technologies (mostly Microsoft related technologies).

Before Microsoft I mostly worked on enterprise applications with different set of platforms: ASP.NET, WinForms, WPF, Silverlight. In Microsoft I'm working on building awesome platform for new performance and diagnostics tools, which you can find in latest version of Visual Studio 2013. This is awesome solution, which we ship as IE F12 tools and part of VS. We use everything: JavaScript/HTML5 as presentation layer, Native back-end, and managed code for VS integration. Also I participated in supporting legacy Visual Studio products: old Performance Tools, Code Analysis and Code Metrics.

I care about code quality and I like to see when code is clean and testable. I like to write unit tests. I care about UX of products we ship, I do care when I see Ok and Cancel buttons not in right order on Dialog Box.

I do not really care about what technology you are using. But I care about how you are using it.

Work Experience:

October 2013 - Present. Splunk. Senior Software Developer.

  • Working on Developer Frameworks for Splunk.

September 2013 - October 2013. Microsoft. Visual Studio Diagnostics Team. Senior SDE.

  • Developing Profiling and Diagnostics Tools based on Event Tracing for Windows. Designed and developing new Diagnostics Tools platform for different kinds of Diagnostics Tools (JavaScript Memory Tools and Visual Profiler).

June 2011 - August 2013. Microsoft. Visual Studio Diagnostics Team. Software Development Engineer II.

  • Developing profiling and code analysis tools for Visual Studio.

Mar 2010 – June 2011. Mobile Systems International Ltd (UK based company), Remote Job, Long Contract. C# Developer, Software Developer.

  • Mobile network management Silverlight application build on top of SQL Server business intelligence.

Dec 2007 – Feb 2010. FogSoft LLC, Yaroslavl. C# Developer, Software architect.

  • Developing application for advertising agencies with WinForms and Stored Procedures using MS SQL 2000/2005. Optimization of application performance (server sql queries).
  • Developing some ASP.NET applications for government and enterprise companies using inside company engine. Taking part in engine upgrading.
  • Developing CRM application using WPF. Creating components for this application like file storage server with WCF, WPF controls and other. Taking part in performance optimization of WPF GUI.
  • Design solutions based on WSS 3.0 and MOSS 2007.
  • Experience in projects appraisal.

Jan 2005 – Nov 2007. IT-Co, Moscow. Worked at home (seat in Yaroslavl). C++ Developer, ASP.NET Developer, Project Lead.

  • Developing windows application for engineers based on MFC using DB Access. Developed engine for creating specification documentation for projects, automating drawing of projects drafts, exporting to the “dfx” format and other new functionality. By the end of my participation I was the project lead.
  • Developing prototype Add-in with COM for integration our solution with SolidWorks.
  • Developing some ASP.NET Applications for corporate use. Wrote engine for creating enterprise applications using MVC pattern, NHibernate ORM and DB MS SQL 2000/2005.


Nov 2007 – Jun 2011. Yaroslavl State University. Postgraduate Student.

Applied Mathematics and Computer Science, Department of differential equations. Research on “greedy” algorithms in Marzenkewitz and Lorentz spaces.


  • Functional languages application. Realization wavelet-compress for images with F#.
  • Images search with wavelet-transformation. Realization with F#.
  • Estimates Cordoba-Fernandez operator in Marcinkiewicz spaces.
  • Lower bounds for exponential sums in Marcinkiewicz spaces.

Sep 2002 – Jun 2007. Yaroslavl State University. Specialist / Master degree.

Applied Mathematics and Computer Science, Department of differential equations.


  • October 2013 – M101JS: MongoDB for Node.js Developers.
  • September 2013 – M102: MongoDB for DBAs.
  • August 2013 – M101P: MongoDB for Developers.
  • May 2009 – Microsoft Certified Technology Specialist (MCTS) - .NET Framework 3.5, ASP.NET Applications.
  • Dec 2009 – Microsoft Certified Professional Developer (MCPD) - .NET Framework 3.5, ASP.NET Applications.
  • Feb 2010 – Microsoft Certified Technology Specialist (MCTS) - .NET Framework 3.5, Windows Presentation Foundation
  • Jun 2010 – Microsoft Certified Technology Specialist (MCTS) - .NET Framework 4, Windows Applications
  • Sep 2010 – Microsoft Certified Technology Specialist (MCTS) - Windows Communication Foundation 4
  • Oct 2010 – Microsoft Certified Technology Specialist (MCTS) - .NET Framework 4, Data Access
  • Oct 2010 – Microsoft Certified Professional Developer (MCPD) - Windows Developer 4
  • Oct 2010 – Microsoft Certified Technology Specialist (MCTS) - Silverlight 4, Development

Honors & Awards:

Jul 2009 – June 2011. Microsoft Most Valuable Professional, Client App Dev.

Professional Memberships: